Achieving Vision

You have a mode of transport, but what is the full plan?

Every journey starts with the first step. Rehearsals may be required if the planned destination is the delivery of a ‘performance.’

This is the case with the ‘Arts’ (a performance of a play, musical, film, ballet, poem or painting) and also with commercial endeavours. Sustaining increases in performance, in commercial terms, is an imperative for growth, success and even survival.

So this is an important ‘blog’ for the launch of Image Memory.

Image Memory is the fusion of a lifetime of art appreciation and over 30 years business experience in sales and marketing.

Image Memory seeks to support hospitality clients with their marketing plans through the addition of wall art, photography and installations to inculcate customer memories.

The vision for you to encourage customers can include a new art installation, a refurbishment programme or exhibition of art, for example. These are all good reasons for generating new and / or existing footfall and public relations activity.

For example, a Canadian author was inspired by a map of the London Underground, that hung on the wall of his grandmother’s dining room, to emigrate and live in London.

Hospitality venues can entice customers through a mixture of vectors including location, architecture, food, comfort, service, decor and ambience.

My father regularly took us to hotels he had stayed in on business, because he had been inspired by some or all of the above.

So what strategies do you have in place in 2022 to encourage new and repeat footfall within your hotel, restaurant, pub or guest house?

Who do you call when you want to redecorate or expand your venue?

We aim to work with and for photographers, artists, interior designers and architects to help you as a hotelier, restauranteur or publican inspire customer visits and re-visits through memory motivation.

Hugo Richardson DipM MCIM – 07476 343 777